What we eat

Food without fire—products that have not been thermally destroyed, are raw, unchanged, unprocessed. Also salads, juices, smoothies and foods gently dried in the temperature below 45 degrees Celsius, also raw desserts (chocolate, ice cream, cakes), soups, noodles (see photos).

We avoid food that has been genetically modified, treated with pesticides, other chemicals, packed in plastic. We try to eat local, organic, and seasonal products. We don’t eat refined sugar, refined salt, preservatives, food additives, unnatural sweeteners, colouring and other harmful substances like aspartame, MSG etc.

In other words, we eat food that is biologically appropriate and created by nature, not in a laboratory.



Humans are the only creatures on Earth that cook their food. They’re also the only ones who suffer from chronic diseases. No other creatures suffer from allergies, obesity, asthma, heart diseases, diabetes, arthritis, digestion tract diseases or cancer, apart from humans and human fed animals eating processed and thermally destroyed food like products.

Cooking is killing, thermally destroying the food – pasteurisation is above 70°C, cooking around 100°C, baking around 200°C. Thermally destroyed food is not our natural food; it’s very deficient in nutrition and hard to digest. During heat treatment most vitamins and nutrients are destroyed. In around 50 degrees Celsius all enzymes are destroyed.

Digesting is the process that requires most energy. Digesting a raw meal takes between 15 minutes to 2 hours, whilst digesting a thermally destroyed meal can take between 8 or more! A raw vegan creates around half a litre of gastric acid per day, in contrary to a person on cooked diet, who needs to produce 7 litres a day.

Deficiency in enzymes and vitamins, loading and acidifying your body and in fact malnutrition, cause weakness, inflammation and hypoxia of tissues and organs, which leads to exhaustion, lack of energy, vulnerability to infections and diseases like obesity, anaemia, blood disorders, diabetes and many others including cancer.

What are enzymes and why they are important

Enzymes are mainly proteins and they are found in all living organisms. They support biochemical and metabolic reactions in our bodies (i.e. digesting as well as sight and hearing) through acceleration of reactions and energy saving. In short: without enzymes we would not be able to function.

Our body has a stock of enzymes, but it’s not endless. When you eat cooked meals, you do not supply your body with enzymes from the outside, so your body is forced to use its own resources. When we’re young, we do not feel that, but as we get older (around thirty) is when we start to feel the lack of energy and weakness, we don’t feel that good any more, our skin loses its natural elasticity and shine, and we get ill.

Our body and its pH

pH is an acid-alkaline measure. Neutral pH is 7, pH between 0 and 7 is acidic and between 7 and 14 – alkaline. The picture below shows an example of pH scale. Our body, and exactly our blood, is constantly aiming for its optimally balanced, slightly alkaline pH around 7.3-7.5. To achieve that, it extracts the nutrients from the food, which has acidic or alkaline values. If there are not enough nutrients to keep this slightly alkaline environment, they are being taken from the stock in our bones and other tissues and organs. When our nutrient reserve is low, our inner biological space becomes vulnerable and prone to chronic diseases. That is when we are being prescribed all sorts of medication and treatment. It’s so much better to change the diet and start incorporating alkaline products into our meals

Examples of acidic foods:
sugar, eggs, fish, meat, cheese, rice, potatoes, pasta, coffee, bread, wine, beer, black tee, chocolate, vinegar, coke and other sodas.

Examples of alkaline foods:
cucumber, chia seeds, figs, sprouts, dates, carrots, beets, almonds, avocados, broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage, leafy greens (kale, spinach, parsley etc.), raisins, lemon, Cayenne pepper, melons (Cantaloupe, Honeydew, Watermelon).

Every person suffering from cancer has too low a pH (acidified body). Dr. Otto Warburg received a Nobel Prize in 1931 for proving that tumour will not survive in alkaline, oxygen rich environment, but it thrives in acidic, oxygen deficient environment.

pH table

Digestive leucocytosis (“food coma”)

Heat treatment destroys food’s molecules’ structure and our body recognises cooked food as foreign body. Leucocytosis occurs, which means the increase of the number of white blood cells, just like during an infection or inflammation, which is body’s natural self-defence. Thermally destroyed food is of no use for us. Anything that’s consumed, but not digested or stored, must be disposed of as waste. Eating cooked food creates so much waste in our body that our organs of elimination cannot cope and the waste accumulates, leading to insufficiency of tissues and organs. If at least 51% of every meal is raw, leucocytosis will not occur.

Why we eat raw food

Raw plant based products are recognizable and easy to digest, almost fully usable for our body and supply in all nutrients our body needs. Raw meals are consumed in smaller quantity, digested faster and do not use up as much energy as thermally destroyed foods. Raw vegans sleep better, because their bodies regenerate at night, instead wasting energy on digesting. The mind works better as it’s oxygenated, body weight comes back to normal, skin and eyes regain vitality and radiance. Raw vegans are more resistant to infections and diseases, and a possible cold lasts a couple of days instead of a couple of weeks

Raw vegans do not have digesting problems like heartburn, indigestion, constipation, bloating or food poisoning. Raw plant foods are the best medicine in the words of Hippocrates, the father of modern medicine: “Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food”. Our body is our best doctor with self-healing capabilities and all you have to do is not to disturb it in its proper functioning.

Why we do not eat meat

Human is not omnivore (all-eater), nor a carnivore (meat-eater). Organisms are classified in terms of physiology, therefore human is a herbivore mammal (a plant-eater), and exactly a fruit-eater. This is a fact, not a matter of speculation or belief. Human teeth are most similar to our original cousins, who were all fruit eaters. The human digesting system is not designed to digest meat, but plants. The human intestines, like all other plant-eaters, are long and complex, whilst intestines of meat-eaters are shorter and simpler, to enable fast disposal of waste after digesting raw meat.

Meat is not tasty—we do not eat it raw, without salt, spices, oil, sauce, but after thermal treatment (roasting, frying) and with the food additives and enhancers, which can also be addictive.

More information on the VIDEO page.

Why we do not drink milk

Eating dairy products by humans is not only unnatural, but unhealthy. Contrary to popular opinion, cow’s milk does not strengthen our bones, but weakens them, and in the areas of higher dairy consumption, there’s increased osteoporosis. In the areas where no milk, there’s no osteoporosis or other diseases caused by milk consumption. Cows have strong bones, because they eat grass and that’s where they get i.e. calcium from. Drinking milk flushes the calcium out of our bones. Cow’s milk contains unhealthy saturated fatty acids and hormones, along with antibiotics, sedatives and other medication given to animals and ending up in the stomachs of people consuming meat and dairy. Yoghurt, cheese and butter are concentrated milk products, a specific fat-chemical bomb.

Consumption of dairy is the cause of many diseases like allergies, asthma, eczema, colic, ear infections, acne, child anaemia due to inner intestine bleedings, arthritis, constipation, Crohn’s disease, food poisoning, gallstones and kidney stones, migraine, obesity and tumours. The main cause is the IGF-1 hormone, which accelerates calf’s growth. Only a small increase of IGF-1 in humans increases the risk of many types of cancer. The more dairy you consume, the higher IGF-1 lever you have.

Dairy consumption is mainly widespread in Europe and America. Over 70% people in the whole world do not eat milk products. Majority have natural lactose intolerance (lactose is a milk sugar) and are allergic to casein (milk protein). More about this on the VIDEO page.


Where we get our protein from

The human need for protein is actually very small. Overconsumption is a lot more harmful for our bodies, than an underconsumption. In practice it’s almost impossible to have too little protein and the actual cases of protein deficiency basically do not exist in our culture. As infants we grow faster than in any other period of our lives, therefore our protein requirement is highest at this particular point. However our mother’s milk has very low protein content between 1 and 4%, depending on the age of infant (the percentage depends on the infant’s stage of development). This is not a coincidence, that fruits contain roughly the same percentage of protein between 1 to 6%. Furthermore the amino acids are the important part, not the protein. Protein, that we consume, must be broken down into amino acids to enable digestion and absorption. Consuming plant products we absorb high quantities of amino acids without wasting energy on braking down the protein.

Cooked food addiction

Eating thermally destroyed food is an addiction, like smoking cigarettes, alcoholism etc. Since our childhood we are being made addicted to foods full of sugar, food additives enhancing taste and flavour, preservatives and colouring. This is not hunger, but our emotional addiction to food and our false located expectations about it, that food should serve us as entertainment or comfort, motivates us to prepare meals according to complicated recipes. The true hunger requires only nutrient rich, uncooked, biologically appropriate food. During stepping away from cooked food, a withdrawal syndrome may occur, same as when quitting cigarettes or alcohol, which only proves how unnatural and harmful cooked food is for our bodies.

Along with detoxifying from cooked food, addictions to other drugs pass away at the same time, our health improves, our body heals itself from diseases and comes back to the biologically natural weight.

More in the section VIDEO.


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